Choosing a Wireless Charger for your Tesla: BPP vs EPP

The world is going wireless.

That includes everything from data sharing, internet connectivity to charging your electronic devices. One such application is wireless mobile chargers. You might wonder how a wireless charger works and what standards you need to keep in mind while purchasing a wireless charger. It is the phenomenon of transmitting electric current through air with the help of electromagnetic induction between an induction coil present in the charger and a receiver coil embedded in the device to be charged. With the advancement in technology, this system is now reduced to a very compact circuit in our phones and helps us get rid of complexity involved in handling the wired chargers.


 Qi standard : BPP v.s. EPP

The wireless charging technologies currently being employed are based on either magnetic inductance or magnetic resonance. Qi is a standard for wireless charging which is currently being adopted by most of the companies including Apple, Samsung etc. and it uses the magnetic induction method for charging.

BPP and EPP are the two main types or characteristics for wireless charging described in the Qi standard.

  • BPP (Basic Power Profile ) produces less output of up to 5W for charging the devices.
  • EPP (Extended Power Profile) produces a maximum output of 15W, which makes it feasible for fast charging and compatible with modern smartphones.

The product with EPP specifications are latest, efficiently designed, provide better output and performance.


One of the main advantages of EPP over BPP is the power output it produces which consequently leads to better and quick charging.

In order to ensure fast charging, both the receiver coil i.e. smart phone and the transmitter coil i.e. charging pod needs to have the EPP specifications in it. A mobile with BPP present in it when charged through EPP charger will still take longer time as the power received through electromagnetic induction will reach maximum of 5W only. For optimum output or performance, the charging pod or surface and the receiving device must have EPP specifications in accordance with Qi Standard.


Compatible with any Tesla Model 3 & Y.

Tesla rolled out its model 3 with exciting features for the customers but it came with no wireless charging pad and had conventional USB-A type ports. But with the increasing demand and introduction of wireless charging in latest smartphones including I Phone, Samsung Galaxy and other flagship phones, the company introduced the wireless charging facility to be installed in the console box for Model 3 (Pre-June 2020) and then later continued to provide pre-installed wireless chargers for both Model 3 and Model Y. The wireless charger came with Qi certifications, consists of two docks for facilitation of two phones at a time and also included USB type C and A ports.

Keeping in view the price factor of charger introduced by the company itself, the power output of the charger and its performance, Model 3 owners not having the wireless charging pad are recommended to buy an after-market wireless charger in order to enjoy more features than the Tesla’s as it isn’t compatible with Dashcam and Sentry Mode.


The best choice for your Tesla.

If you are Tesla driver and looking for a wireless charger for your pre-June model 3 or wondering to upgrade the pre-installed pad in your Model 3 and Model Y to a more premium and multi-functional charger than JOWUA offers a fine quality Tesla Wireless Charger with rubber, ABS, silicon and anti-slip coating  to hold your smartphone in place. The charger comes with three induction coils for transmitting power smoothly to your phone whether it is placed in Landscape or portrait mode.




JOWUA Tesla Wireless Charger offers following features: 

  • It contains BoostLink™ and EPP technology which enables it to provide power up to 15W for fast charging.
  • It includes two ports for attaching any external USB drive and contains built in memory card for storage.
  • The charger works quite fine with TeslaCam and Sentry Mode and can store up to 2TB of data.
  • It is equipped with smart LED lights for battery percentage indication.
  • The wireless charger has built-in sensors for detection of any metal object in contact to avoid any interference in the electromagnetic field.
  • The outer texture of the pad is designed to match Tesla’s interior.
  • Perfectly holds the smartphone in its round and rubber shaped design to avoid falling during any bumps or speed breakers.