Armrest Organizer

SKU: BFG22011101

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Design for Model 3/Y  Rear Compartment
Keep your rear compartment neat and clean. Increase storage space to put your sunglasses, charging adapters, LED light bar, pen, tissue, etc.

Premium Hybrid Material
Adopt food-grade silicone for washable, dust-proof, preventing items from sliding or rattling, and the included PC & ABS bottom for added durability.

Jowua LED Light Bar Compatible
Design to fit and match perfectly with Jowua LED Light Bar. Automatically provide the light when opening the armrest box. 

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Fit All Model 3/Y

Multi-thoughtful Designs

Easy Pick-up

For more bottom space storage.

Car Charger Hole

Easy to charge your devices any time.

Selected Food Grade Silicone & Easy to Clean

Perfect Combo for Armrest Organizer

LED Light Bar


100W Car Charger