Wireless Charger with MicroSD Card 128G

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What's included:
• Wireless Charger             • USB-C to C cable x 1
• AirPods charger stand    • USB-C to A cable x 2
• MicroSD Card 128G

Wireless Charger

Built-in Tesla DashCam & Sentry mode reader
Supports up to 2TB capacity and the special voltage stabilizer technique can deliver power stability for long-time usage.

Upgraded 15W EPP wireless charging
Thanks to BoostLink™ Technology, providing single USB-C port for Tesla Model Y / Model 3 or two front USB-A ports for Model 3 (Pre-June 2020), supporting up to 15W fast-charging.

Compatible with all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
Include detachable USB-C & USB-A cables for good compatibility.

Various Charging ways
Able to charge phones vertically or horizontally and support AirPods Pro & AirPods 3 & AirPods 2 charging.

iPhone 12 & 13 Magsafe Charging Compatible
Perfect fit latest iPhone 12 & 13 series wireless charging.


MicroSD Card 128G

Supports Tesla DashCam and Sentry Mode.

• 128G : Supports up to 700 times Sentry Mode recording.

Supports ECC function to correct up to 7x-bits data errors per 1K bytes data automatically.

Supports global / static wear leveling.

Low power consumption.



1. Wireless Charger

Input (Type-C/R): 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A
Input (Type-C/L): 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A
Output (Input R/L)
• 10W (5V⎓3A, Single input)
• 15W (5V⎓3A, Dual input)
• 15W (9V⎓3A, Single input)
• 5W+5W (5V⎓3A, Single input)
• 10W+10W (5V⎓3A, Dual input)
• 10W+10W (9V⎓3A, Single input)
Dimension:190.9mm x 169.9mm x 29.7mm
• Total 260.6g
• Wireless Charger: 225g
• C to C cable: 10.4g
• C to A cable: 12.6g

2. MicroSD Memory Card 128G
Dimension : 11mm x 15mm x 1mm
Weight : 0.5g
Color: Wood

Built-in Tesla DashCam & Sentry Mode Reader

Stable and Shake Free

Anti-slip rubber and rounded pads at the back for extra stability.

Delicate Design

Perfect fit with your Tesla interior.

iPhone 12 & 13 MagSafe Charging Compatible

Horizontal Single Phone Charging

Vertical Double Phones Charging

Support AirPods Charging

Free Airpods charging stand for AirPods Pro & AirPods 2