FAQ: Hub with LED light

Which LED Hub should I buy?

1. Check your Tesla model:
Jowua LED hubs are designed for Model 3 & Y only.


2. Check your center console:
Jowua LED hubs support both refresh and pre-refresh center console (please see photos below for details).
Model 3/Y with 2021/2022 refresh console please check LED Hub for 2021/2022 refresh console
3. Check your USB ports:
If your Model 3/Y made before 2020, please see the two USB ports located in the front compartment of the center console.

Can I use Jowua or Tesla wireless charger with the Hub?

Sure. Our LED hub supports PD 3.0 power delivery, perfectly compatible with Jowua and Tesla wireless charger.

To ensure the wireless charging pad is fully optimized, make sure you plug in the USB ports we suggest (please see below for details).

Why can’t I format my storage device for Dashcam and Sentry mode? Format Function Not Showing.

The format button will only show up on the screen when there is ONLY ONE storage device is plugged in your USB ports.

When you have more than one storage device plugged in, Tesla cannot recognize which device you want to format for Dashcam and Sentry mode.
Therefore, please remove other devices and ONLY plug in the one that you prefer to format.  

*Note, new model comes with a USB port and USB drive inside the glovebox, please do not  forget.

Can I record my DashCam and Sentry footage?

Can I play my music?

Can I use my game controller?

Does it support data transfer?

All USB-C, USB-A ports and microSD reader support USB2.0 data transfer, which means your devices connected to the hub are able to communicate with the vehicle. For example;
  • Record and save the Dashcam & Sentry mode footage.
  • Play audio files stored on your device, such as playing mp3 and Boombox.
  • Access your controller to play games. Even support multiple controllers.

What is dynamic power control?

What is the max power output I can get from the hub?

With dynamic power control, Jowua hub enables automatic distribution of the available power of your Tesla USB to all connected devices. Ensuring all connected devices charging are dynamically adjusted and optimized.
Please note that the total power output of the hub relies on Tesla’s USB power supply. Pre-refresh console USB power output listed as below;
  • USB-C + USB-A ver. = 27W (USB-C) + 12.5W (USB-A)
  • Dual USB-A ver. = 12.5W (USB-A) + 12.5W (USB-A)

*The above power output is listed is based on version 2021.4.12. Total USB power output of Tesla may be changed by Tesla’s OTA updates.


I see you have PD3.0, why I can’t charge my device with 18W/27W?

I see the USB-A ports can support up to 7.5W, but why my devices charge so slow?

Two USB devices must have the same power delivery protocol in order to communicate. Our USB protocols are listed below, please check if your device have the following protocols.
USB-C + USB-A version
  • USB-C = PD3.0 (9V ⎓ 3A, 5V ⎓ 3A; max 27W)
  • USB-A = BC v1.2, CDP mode (5V ⎓5A; max 7.5W)
Dual USB-A version
  • USB-C = PD3.0 (9V ⎓ 2A, 5V ⎓ 3A; max 18W)
  • USB-A = BC v1.2, CDP mode (5V ⎓5A; max 7.5W)